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Exclusive Services for landlords and lettings agents

Please have look at the list of services mentioned here.

We also provide services like

  • Furnishing

  • Staging including professional photography

  • OTA listings and optimisation

You will benefits from a complete hands off cashflow month on month.


For other landlord related benefits please get in touch by writing to us or filling the form and we will promptly get back to you.

 1 |  Clients and OTA management

  • We manage all guests for you from bookings to collecting payments and IDs, from framing and signing agreements to ensuring proper check in and check outs.

  • We  will list and manage your property through our versatile channel manager thus ensuring no double bookings. 


2  |  Communications and feedbacks

  • We manage all clients communications and follow up for feedbacks.


3  |  Power teams

  • We manage regular cleanings for long lets and between guest changes.

  • We strive to maintain your property in show home conditions

  • We have many tradesman and power team to take care of necessary maintenances in timely manner.


4  |  Monthly services (For SA Management service only)

  • We promptly provide monthly earnings and expense statements and report.

  • You will promptly receive the balance in your account every month.

Get in Touch

* Bespoke services also available. Please get in touch by filling the form.

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